Mountain & River - Jim Nevill Photography
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Autumn Reflections of the Teton Range - Limited Edition, Framed, Release of 100

Generally there are 50+ professional photographers and equally as many tourists jockeying in the pre-dawn hours to access this vantage point of Mount Moran and the Snake River in Jackson, WY. On this chilly October 2, 2013 morning it was eerily just me. The recent government shutdown resulted in the closing of all National Parks but because I was attending the Wilderness Risk Management Conference at the Teton Lodge, I was allowed to stay. The park service did give us a stern talk about making sure we did not 'recreate' while there, however. For the first time in who knows how long I was the only photographer in Teton National Park shooting this scene, which magically included the first snow of the winter, rich autumn colors, calm winds, a slow-flowing river and light clouds from a passing storm. This shot is truly special and one-of-a-kind.