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Jim Nevill is an outdoor enthusiast, educator, family man and co-founder of Lifeschool, a non-profit organization leading teens on adventure trips. Jim's fine art landscapes, commercial work, ocean and adventure photography is a pursuit of passion.  Every project he takes on is approached with creativity, thoughtfulness and precision.


For me, the camera is a vehicle for storytelling and sharing joy with others.   With words, authors explore the depth of their characters, the mood of scenery, metaphor, tension and dramatic relationships - and good photographers do much of the same. My favorite stories evoke emotion, make me laugh, think, search, wonder and wander. The lens is a dark tunnel to a bright unknown, and through it I see beauty and intricacies that I miss with my eyes alone.  I enjoy  the hunt for storylines, obscured details and the range of feelings that a well made photograph can evoke.  My hope is that my work inspires and motivates the viewer to explore their own unique voice and to engage more fully the possibilities in their life.


I shoot with Nikon cameras and lenses because from my perspective they produce the highest quality images.

I do not use HDR.  All of the photos in my gallery are single click captures. HDR (or 'image stacking' as it is called) is an editing technique that digitally combines multiple photographs, each of which are exposed differently to make one final pancake picture.  I prefer and singular photograph. 


I grew up on Long Island New York, less than 10 miles away from JFK airport.  I first learned to take pictures in the 1980's using my father’s 35mm Canon FTb, and enjoyed taking photography classes at the 4-H camp I attended in  Riverhead, NY as a boy.

A camera has been by my side since I can remember but I did not take the craft of photography seriously until I was in my 30's.  After earning a Psychology degree with an Art & English minor from the University of Dayton I moved to Northern California, which has been my base since 1995I have spent the last 25 years traveling the world, spending summers sailing in Southeast Alaska, chasing winter swell in Hawaii, surfing Mexico and exploring my new second home in Peru.  I sleep in tents as much as possible.

Professional Memberships: Professional contributor, Local Pro.  On December 16, 2014 my photo, "Honolua Bay's Finest" became the most viewed photo on, cresting 60,000 hits in just a few days.

Bay Area Travel Writers: Travel / Photo journalism organization based in San Francisco.

Lifeschool / Go Adventure: Co-Founder and Executive Director, non-profit organization serving over 4000 teens since 1999.

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