Bio - Jim Nevill Photography


Jim is an outdoor enthusiast, family man and founder of Lifeschool, a non-profit organization leading teens on wilderness adventures. Jim describes photography as a 'love affair'.  Every project he takes on is approached with creativity, thoughtfulness and precision.  Jim's landscapes, ocean photography, night images and commercial work are simply a pursuit of passion. "If I never sold a single print, I would be doing the exact same thing. 


For me, the camera is a storytelling device.   Storytellers explore depth in their characters, the moodiness of scenery, metaphors, tension, dramatic relationships and so on.  Photographers do much of the same. My favorite stories evoke emotions, make me laugh, make me think and make me want to wander. The lens is a dark tunnel to a bright unknown and through it I see beauty that I miss with my eyes alone.  I enjoy hunting for stories, listening to others' stories and finding obscured details that a well made photograph enlightens.  My hope is that my work inspires and motivates the viewer to explore their own unique voice, to be compelled to be a steward of the natural world and to engage more fully the possibilities in their life.


I shoot with Nikon cameras and lenses.

NO HDR: High Dynamic Range (image stacking) is a technique that combines multiple photographs into one, like a photo sandwich. To me, HDR results in images that look over cooked or fake even, so I prefer to publish singular photographs.  All of the images in my gallery are 'one click wonders'.  


I grew up on the on western Long Island about 13 miles from Manhattan and close to Long Beach where I learned to surf.  I took my first photography class at 4-H Camp at 12 years old and have had a camera with me wherever I go ever since.  After earning a Psychology degree and an Art minor from the University of Dayton I moved to Northern California, which has been my base since 1995I have spent the last 25 years traveling the world and never looking back, spending summers sailing in Southeast Alaska, chasing winter swell in Hawaii, surfing Mexico and yearly exploring my 'second home' in Lima, Peru. 

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