Jim Nevill is a commercial photographer, video producer, owner of Wine Country Drone and founder of the outdoor adventure program, Lifeschool. After a 25-year career in the non-profit sector, he shifted his focus to his 'other' life-long passion - Photography. 


For as long as I can remember, I always enjoyed making art, being outdoors and trying new things.  Early in my career, I honed my craft by doing landscape work, and frequently publishing works via the surfing industry.  People started buying my prints, commissioning projects and offering me gallery space to sell my art.  The positive feedback encouraged me to keep exploring, experimenting, failing and deepening my love for the process.  In 2016 I began taking on more challenging commercial projects, real estate work, golf courses, vineyards and more recently - providing marketing directors with the content they need to increase their media presence. 

I love photography for the art, the unique voice I get to have as I produce works and for the challenges the process presents.  I love the adventure, the discovery and the exploration of characters, metaphor, tension, relationships and reality.  Photography helps me to tell my own stories and helps other people better tell theirs as well .  I judge my work by how it makes me feel and how others respond to it. My hope is that my images encourage others more fully appreciate their own surroundings and the fragile environment we live in.


I currently shoot with Nikon cameras and lenses and fly DJI drones.


Jim Nevill is a dedicated family man, entrepreneur, surfer, golfer and traveler.

I grew up on the south shore of Long Island about 13 miles from Manhattan.  I feel blessed to have grown up with the best pizza and bagels on Earth.  I learned to surf at Lido Beach and took my first photography class at 4-H Camp at 12 years old.  I've have had a camera with me ever since.  

After earning a Psychology degree and Art minor at the University of Dayton I moved to Northern California, which has been my base since 1995I have spent the last 25+ years traveling the world , raising a family, rehabbing an 1800's house and enjoying as much of life as possible. 

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