Hawai'i - Jim Nevill Photography
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Haleakala Cypress - Kipahulu

This area of Haleakala National Park is among the lesson known, and lesser visited parts of the Island Of Maui. It is found on the far southern shores, in between the famous volcanic crater and the 7 Sacred Pools of O'heo. Nearby is a place called Kipahulu. Long before the first Europeans arrived on Maui, Kipahulu was prized by the Hawaiian ali'i (royalty) for its fertile 'aina (land) and kai (ocean). Thousands of people once lived a sustainable lifestyle in this area farming, fishing, and surviving with the resources of the 'Ahupua'a (traditional Native Hawaiian land division which stretches from the mountain to the sea). This area is a Biological Reserve and is closed to the public to preserve the native plant and animal species.