Stars & Moon - Jim Nevill Photography
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Milky Way Over Historic Bodega, CA

Alfred Hitchcock made the Potter Schoolhouse famous in the 1963 film, The Birds and Ansel Adams photographed St. Teresa of Avila in the 1953 while passing through. Since then, both buildings have become Sonoma County treasures. Despite being photographed countless times, this one of a kind perspective was taken from the apex of my rooftop, on a widow’s walk half a mile away. I shot the photo at night because the stars in Bodega are incredible, and it better tells the historical tale of these 1800’s structures. This is a single exposure image, no overlay, bracketing or HDR. This photograph was first published in "The Press Democrat" on December 18, 2012, accompanied by a full page article written by Andrea Granahan. In July 2013 it won first place in Congressman Jared Huffman's 2nd District Landscape Photo Competition.

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