Stars & Moon - Jim Nevill Photography
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Bristlecone in Space

There are some places on this planet that feel like they are on another planet entirely. The Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest is located near the north rim of the Mojave Desert and is certainly one of those places. I had the opportunity to visit this US Forest Service location in the still of the night during a new moon. I walked a few miles into the blackness completely alone and the experience was pretty exhilarating, and a little scary. The milky way was so bright this evening that without the assistance of moonlight the stars alone lit the terrain and created a fully arched rainbow across the night sky. This tree in particular, dated somewhere between 2000 and 4000 years old, stood out from the others with its bulblike trunk, exposed root system and gnarled branches. There is no HDR or overlays in this image - the colors are a result of headlamp 'light painting' done during a single 30 second exposure.

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