Structure - Jim Nevill Photography
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Fort Point

If you follow my work you probably wonder where rusty chains, concrete, steel girders, brick buildings and parked cars fit into my photographic interests…and you’d be right. There are some places though, which are quintessentially man made that interact so beautifully with the surrounding nature that I can’t resist. Fort Point, located directly below the Golden Gate Bridge is certainly one of those awesome places. I first learned about this place from surfing it. The wave breaks as a result of the confluence of bridge pilings, submerged boulders, built up sands and large northwest swells. I will never forget the exhilaration of surfing directly below this beautiful bridge, looking at Alcatraz and trying not to let my toes dangle too deep, a feeling that was crystallized on one particular occasion when I was charged by a large bull sea lion. With a big part of it’s body standing vertically out of the water, it came so close I could see the red ring of its eye and smell its fishy breath before it dove below my board, never resurfaced –just bluffing. In this shot there are a few surfers in the distance and the swell was up which caused ocean spray to soak the concrete in the foreground, allowing for that wet chain and pretty reflection of the bridge in the puddle.