Structure - Jim Nevill Photography
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Children's Bell Tower - Bodega Bay

The Children's Bell Tower is really cool. It was inspired by the 1994 shooting in Italy of Nicholas Green of Bodega Bay (who was 7 yrs old) by highway robbers. His parents donated his organs so that 7 Italians could have a better life.

The memorial was designed by Bruce Hasson, a Bay Area sculptures. Families, schools, & churches all over Italy donated bells to be hung on the three towers. 130 bells were used, the centerpiece was made by the Marinelli Foundry. The centerpiece bell was blessed by Pope John Paul II. It has the names of Nicholas & the 7 sick people who were given a new chance to live a full life.

The memorial is next to the Bodega Bay Community Center, on the ocean side of Hwy 1, about 1.5 mi from the visitor center.