Waterfalls - Jim Nevill Photography
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River Tones

Lower California Falls, Yosemite National Park. There are countless features to focus on in a place as diverse as Yosemite but water is often overshadowed by rock. With monoliths like El Cap, Half Dome and the Cathedral it's no wonder, but on this particular photography trip a friend and I shifted our focus to aquatic scenery. What I experienced by doing it was something I never expected, color - lots of color. This photo is a closeup of the lower section of California falls on the Tuolumne River. I shot it by rock hopping my way into the center of the river and setting up on a bolder downstream, to give the feeling of not just being near the river, but in it. In addition to the turquoise and green in the water itself there is a bouquet of red, orange, yellow and other earth tones reflecting up from the river bed below. I couldn't see it with my naked eye but the long exposure needed to blur the falling water did register the color and resulted in this colorful shot.

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