Waterfalls - Jim Nevill Photography
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Waterfall under the Milky Way

Shot at Eagle Falls on the western shore of Lake Tahoe on the evening of 11/17/14. I have been dreaming of shooting waterfalls under starlight for a while now but for some reason it seems that I end up going to waterfall locations only cloudy nights or during full moons which over-illuminate the dark skies. This time I was onsite when the conditions were perfect for star shots, a sub 20 degree night with clear skies and light winds. I descended 100' or so down a steep boulder field in the pitch blackness hoping that I could find a vantage point to set up to shoot from. Until this night I had never done this climb nor heard of anyone else doing it so finding the route down was tricky. Luckily there were some tree roots dangling over the edge so I was able to down climb those as well. When I arrived at the scene I cheered out loud (alone in the woods) and found a location to set up my tripod. The tripod barely fit on the rock outcropping from which I shot the image and I was therefore forced to stand on a neighboring boulder and take the photo with a shutter release cable.